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Police Sports Car with Tension, Sound and Lights


Liko 6

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Numatoma pristatymo data 25 spalio - 1 lapkričio, 2021

Police Sports Car with Tension, Sound and Lights

Car models are often chosen by boys of all ages. Give your baby a wonderful gift! Police sports car for exceptional actions where you need to get to the scene quickly.

This model is a combination of a sports car and a police profession. The inscriptions and stickers on the side and front of the car are characteristic of the police, and the black color adds a sporty expression. This is a different version of the standard police cars. The toy will arouse your child’s curiosity, the dimensions of the car are tailored to small hands. It will also be a treat for collectors, such a car can complement the collection. The upside is the tension, thanks to which it is enough to press the car at the back, let go and watch the speed developing. The light and sound effects are activated by pressing the button on the bottom of the car. Sounds resembling the police driving on the signal are activated and the headlights are turned on, flashing white.

Car dimensions:

16 cm x 7.5 cm x 4.5 cm

Size of the package:

21.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm

The toy has a CE certificate and complies with the EN 71 standard. It is powered by three AG13 batteries, included in the set. It is packed in a box with a transparent lid, making it perfect for a gift.

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