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Keyboard with Microphone and USB Chair Blue

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Keyboard with Microphone and USB Chair Blue

Is your child interested in playing instruments? It is our toy that can develop a passion in it and start an adventure with music. Children like to play with instruments, play concerts for loved ones,

There are speakers on the right and left. Just above the keys there are a number of buttons, which hide amazing effects and functions. Let your little one find out for himself!

The big advantage is that the toddler can connect his phone to the instrument and play his favorite music while playing karaoke or imitating the sounds in a song.

The set includes a chair, a keyboard and a microphone. Decorated in blue and yellow colors.

Keyboard has:

– 31 keys

– 12 stereo sounds

– volume control

– microphone input (miniJACK input)

– USB / MP3 input (external connection)

– soft jump keys

– 8 types of rhythms

– 8 kinds of musical instruments

– 8 kinds of drum sounds

– 3 kinds of animal sounds


The included microphone will allow you not only to learn to play an instrument, but also to sing. Start having fun and start karaoke with your family or peers. The toy will support the development of musical skills, a sense of rhythm and imagination.


Keyboard dimensions:

47 cm x 24 cm x 55.5 cm

Chair dimensions:

base diameter: 26 cm

height: 21.5 cm

seat diameter: 23 cm

Size of the package:

58.5 cm x 53 cm x 10.5 cm


A toy intended for children over 3 years of age. Compliant with EN71. The toy is powered by three 1.5V AA batteries.

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