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Doctor’s Set in a Suitcase White


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Numatoma pristatymo data 25 - 28 spalio, 2021

Doctor’s Set in a Suitcase White

There are children who know from an early age what they want to do. If your child treats all the toys and says he wants to be a doctor, equip him with this Little Dentist’s Suitcase. Its rich, multi-piece equipment and aesthetically crafted medical instruments will stimulate your child’s imagination and allow them to combine fantastic fun with learning and developing their own passions. Carefully made imitations of real medical instruments will delight your child. Including such sets in the playground is also a great way to easily explain to your child that a visit to the doctor is nothing scary. A huge advantage of the set is its versatility. The toy can be both a suitcase which the child carries in the handle and a vehicle on wheels. The set is made in white colour.

Elements of the Medical Set:

– opening face of the animal with teeth
– stethoscope
– syringe
– toothpaste
– toothbrush
– two packets imitating medicines
– mirror
– tweezers
– identification badge
– cutter
– scalpel
– tool bowl
– forehead torch
– case

Dimensions of the set elements:

– opening animal face with teeth: 8 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm
– stethoscope: length 45 cm
– syringe: 10 cm
– toothpaste: 8 cm
– toothbrush: 11 cm
– two medicine imitation packages 6 cm
– mirror: 11 cm
– tweezers: 10 cm
– identification badge: 5.5 cm x 7 cm
– knife: 9 cm
– scalpel: 11 cm
– tool bowl: 9 cm
– forehead torch: diameter – 5.5 cm
– carrying case: 32 cm x 25 cm x 11 cm

The doctor’s set is manufactured in accordance with the EN 71 standard and is CE certified. All elements included in the set have been made with attention to the smallest detail from the highest quality plastic, which guarantees both safety and comfort of use. The white set is designed for all small doctors over 3 years of age.


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