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BMW 6 GT White – Electric Ride On Car


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Numatoma pristatymo data 25 spalio - 1 lapkričio, 2021

A white BMW 6 GT with a battery

Cars under the banner of the German BMW brand are characterized by enormous advantages. The first thing that every passerby will notice is a sensational, full-size vehicle for adults, but that’s not all that the car hides. The children’s version of the BMW 6 GT model is also a fantastic interior, allowing every few-year-old to feel like driving a real car. Decide on a battery-powered vehicle and develop a passion in your child that you will be able to share together in the future.

The white variant of the BMW 6 GT battery pack is a fusion of enormous engine power with a sensational, modern design, together forming a perfect whole. The children’s BMW 6 GT was designed for toddlers over 3 years of age. To start the fun, start the vehicle by pressing the start button, accompanied by sounds reminiscent of a real engine, as well as turning on the LED lighting – front and rear. The miniature version of the white BMW is powered by a 2x6V / 4.5Ah double battery, which in combination with a 2x12V / 12000RPM engine allows for fantastic fun at three different speeds. The big advantage of the presented variant of the children’s model is the slow start, which guarantees a gentle start of the ride, as well as the quick / slow switch, which is responsible for fast and slow driving.

Inside the vehicle, various details are placed, increasing the quality of reproduction of elements inspired by a full-size adult vehicle. The toddler has at his disposal a soft armchair made of black eco-leather, the width of which reaches 34 cm, which guarantees a comfortable and comfortable journey. In the cockpit there is an ergonomically shaped steering wheel, the size of which is adapted to the dimensions of the hands of several-year-old children. Another curiosity hidden in the white BMW 6 GT is the audio panel that allows you to play your favorite songs from the MP3 player and memory cards, as well as by connecting storage media to the AUX and USB sockets. The dashboard of a small driver’s vehicle has an additional backlight, which makes the imitation of indicators and clocks look like the real thing. We are sure that the equipment of the presented vehicle will appeal to every child – both boy and girl.

Bathed in white, the car powered by the BMW 6 GT battery is confusingly similar to its version designed for adult drivers. A solid and strong construction in a duet with high-quality, durable materials guarantees great fun for every child for many years. The tinted windshield and the LED lights with the shape typical of the BMW brand will give the vehicle an unusual, one-of-a-kind character. The door with a semicircular end has an internal blockade against automatic tilting while driving, which, combined with the belts attached to the seat, will increase the safety and comfort of a child traveling in a white car. The presented white BMW 6 GT model attracts attention with the original license of the BMW AG concern, typical design, attention to the smallest detail of the structure, as well as a noticeable high comfort of use.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the presented BMW 6 GT battery vehicle is intended for all children over 3 years of age. However, we have a great solution for all little ones who also want to be able to travel in their car. It is enough for the guardians or parents of the child to use the 2.4G remote control attached to the set, which will allow you to take the helm of the vehicle – the construction of the remote control includes buttons for forward / backward control, speed change or emergency stop. Bathed in white, the car is packed in the original cardboard box, making it a great gift idea.

Package dimensions: 106 x 56 x 38 cm

Weight: 18 kg

Svoris 18.00 kg
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