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Battery Operated Dinosaur Blue Tyrannosaurus


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Numatoma pristatymo data 1 - 4 lapkričio, 2021

Battery Operated Dinosaur Blue Tyrannosaurus

The toy is a perfect representation of the huge Tyrannosaurus, which lived about 125 – 100 million years ago. It was almost 15 meters high and weighed almost 9 tons.

Our dinosaur can not only be a great toy – it will also work as a scientific aid. Thanks to this, explaining facts related to prehistory to your child will be much easier. In addition, it will also develop the knowledge and imagination of the toddler, encouraging him to expand his knowledge.

The dinosaur has a large skull and a massive, muscular structure. Its length from the skull to the end of the tail is 44 cm! Kept in black and brown colors. It is powered by three 1.5 V “AA” batteries. After activating (the button is on the dinosaur’s chest), the large dinosaur starts to step back and forth. Lighting effects such as flashing eyes and roaring sounds only intensify this unusual experience. In addition, the mounted projector with a photo of a real tyrannosaurus gives an even more realistic feeling.

The great function of the toy is that the dinosaur breathes fire! At the top of the head there is a hole into which it is enough to pour a drop of water (dropper included in the set), and steam is escaping from the mouth of our reptile. The second advantage is laying eggs! The set includes 3 pieces, which, when thrown into the hole on the back, fly out from the bottom, imitating a real laying of eggs.

Dinosaur dimensions:

44 cm x 8 cm x 27 cm

Size of the package:

46 cm x 14 cm x 29 cm

Intended for children over 3 years of age. Compliant with EN71. Made of certified material.

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